The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach - the same goes for women. Also getting to know somenone or a location is easiest through food. So why not combine both and get to know and love Berlin through its unique mix of different kitchens? 

A spicy mix

You're only in Berlin for a short time but you want to get to know Berlin like a local and not just the Parliament, the Wall and the Brandenburg Gate? Preferably you would want to combine it with a good restaurant? Our Berlin Food Tour is perfect for you.

With our experienced guide you will learn a new perspective on your kitchen of choice. Many hot spots in Berlin are hidden from tourists but that changes with our tour. Typical attractions that you want to see and much more are part of the tour. Culture, Food and the life of Berlin combines in one tour. And the best of all, you can decide what you want. 

the tour

Berlin is a multicultural city and creates a culinary diversity for every food lover. Many local favourites are never visitied by tourists because they only do the typical tourist sightseeing. Your tour is different. It is individually tailored so that the content is a product of our local knowledge and your interests.

Basically, various restaurants will prepare small dishes and familiarize you with the large amount of fresh ingredients, cozy seating areas and different experiences. On the way to the restaurants, you'll insights into Berlin day to day life and the eye-catching surroundings. Your senses will fall in love with Berlin.



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